Are you a start-up, small or medium business in Ghana? If so, this innovative product is for you.

The Product

We provide day-to-day Human Resources and Administrative Services:

  1. Advise and assist in development and implementation of Administrative and Human Resource management systems, policies and programmes
  2. Advise on labour issues
  3. Advise on employee conditions of service
  4. Recruitment services
  5. Design and advise on performance and productivity improvement schemes


  1. We take the burden off you in terms of time and other resource commitments
  2. You halve your costs – no need for in-house staff with their associated costs
  3. Improved organisational and individual performance and productivity:
    • Good Human Resource projections
    • You avoid unnecessary industrial disharmony
    • You avoid unnecessary legal actions and thereby save time and cost
    • You comply with the laws of Ghana on the employment of staff
    • Efficient and effective use of your people for competitive advantage
  4. You get professional and quality human resource management services.

How we provide the Service

  • Retainership or Contract as mutually agreed.

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